Fabio’s story begins in 1997, when he was born in the city of Naples, Italy.

From the early years of age Fabio became passionate about music thanks to the path taken by his father, who studied piano at a young age. Fabio moves with his family to the city where he still has his residence, Modena. Here he develops a strong passion for electronic music, inspired by the electronic music festivals he attends on YouTube. When he buys his first controller, he’s thrilled, but he’s still not sure how to use it. So, driven by curiosity, he begins to study day by day, until he understands that his true path is not only to play music, but also to create it. After years of preparation, failures and hard work, Fabio signs his first recording contract.

The first track released by N?GMA is Vibrations, on the record label FeelQ Recordings, owned by the Indian DJ and producer known as SNI.

As a first track N?GMA focuses on something energetic, which incorporates the style of his favorite artists (Hardwell, Dannic, Maddix etc) and the sounds he wants to give to his music. Modern, penetrating, “vibrant” sounds are what immediately catches the listener’s ear when Vibrations comes out of its speakers.

The track was later supported by major names in the EDM world, such as Cytrax, TBR, Hi3ND and many more.
About a month later N?GMA meets NAZEN, a DJ and producer of Dark Progressive who lives in Argentina. Their friendship quickly becomes so strong that, despite the incredible distance between the two and the completely busted time zone, the two guys decide to collaborate on something new that brings the BigRoom back to life, a genre as beautiful as it is forgotten from the industry.

This is how Skybreaker was born, which combines some modern sounds taken from Vibrations with some dark ones, a symbol of the Argentine artist’s Dark Progressive.
N?GMA is very busy at this time, especially due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, within 2 months Fabio manages to sign a new record deal, this time for the Navage Recordings label, on which he has always dreamed of releasing his music. The track he releases on the Peruvian label is Self Destruction, a powerful BigRoom weapon that is subsequently supported by many DJs of this genre, as it is ranked as the best BigRoom track of the month.
Proud of his work, N?GMA wants in every way to release a track to Spur Records, a very important American record label that has always fascinated him. By working hard and deciding to take risks, mixing his genres to psy trance, Fabio manages to create Overcharge, a track that takes its name from the feeling of electricity he transmits when listened to.

This weapon immediately surprises the owners of Spur Records, the Bullistiks, who do not hesitate to accept it and bring N?GMA into their family.
Despite the thousand attempts made over the months, a label that seemed unattainable to Fabio, Quartzo Records, decides to give emerging artists a chance, creating the sub-label BlackBox Records.

N?GMA promptly sends out its new creation, Biohazard, a track that brings BigRoom and Dark Progressive together, adding a personal touch to it with custom vocal effects. The BlackBox team is delighted by this weapon, which they decide to accept, giving life to an important relationship, both of work and friendship.
After a small break that Fabio takes to rest from the efforts made during the lockdown and the intense work of the previous months, he continues his N?GMA project with a new track, Fire Up.

Being open-minded, he decides to try new roads, looking up for an emerging record label to release on, in order to improve his musical curriculum. The choice falls on House District Records, known for its countless releases from many different artists.

During the making of Fire Up, N?GMA meets the Swedish duo Codex on social networks.
They noticed him due to his music and decided to contact him to ask for a collaboration. It is the first time ever that N?GMA has been contacted for a similar request, which he accepts immediately, starting to work on the idea of the two foreign producers.

A month later Lightborn is ready, and Fabio is happy to make his return on Spur Records: the track retraces the steps of Skybreaker, with the addition of the sounds and melodies typical of the Nordic duo.

Deciding to take a little break from production, N?GMA decides to close its first year with the inauguration of its newest radioshow, ENIGMIC RADIO.

N?GMA starts his 2021 with a new track called “What The F*ck?!”, a BigRoom weapon surrounded by incredible vocal chops. The drop hits hard thanks to amazing powerful leads that, after a crescendo that will fill every cell of you with an incredible amount of hype, literally destroy every dance floor, also with to some “trappy” bars. The breakdown slows down the rhythm of the track, leaving the time to prepare for the incredible super saws that precede the second and last drop.